Professional Fireworks Display Packages:

Four Seasons Display, Inc. custom designs all our displays to make your event the ultimate in fireworks entertainment. We work with our customer and design each display to meet their budget, color scheme, duration, or particular need. We follow NFPA 1123 & NFPA 1124 Guideline safety procedures at all times, including the environmentally safe use of smoke. Minimum outdoor displays start at $ 1,000.00 .

Each event includes:

  • Site inspection
  • Pyrotechnician and/or crews
  • Transportation to and from the display in accordance with all DOT regulations
  • Setup and firing of the show
  • Permits and insurance
  • removal of equipment and clean up

Display Types:

This display is great when you have a very large area. Your audience can view this display from across many areas throughout the event. This type of display is generally used for major celebrations such as the 4th of July and New Years. The fireworks used for this kind of display are exhibition display shells ranging form 2" to 16" in diameter and exploding 300 to 1,600 feet in the sky, display cakes from 25 to 1000 shots. We use LIDU shell and display cakes reconized as making some of the best product available, creating large burst with brilliant colors. This style of show is simply spectacular with ground shaking booms, patterns and colors exploding over the night sky. These displays require a 350 - 1,200 radius from the discharge area(s) to the audience. Aerial displays can be land based or water based off barges. Barge displays have the added benefit of the fireworks reflecting off the water. Read Testimonials

Close Proximity Pyrotechnics:

These displays are designed to entertain corporate events, grand openings, weddings, quinces, and sporting events. These fireworks have less fallout and are great for events where area is very limited. They provide you with an "up close and personal" experience. This display has a wide variety of low level effects visible from ground level to a height of 200 feet in the sky. A 150-foot radius is needed from the dischargearea to the audience viewing area for this type of display.

Indoor Pyrotechnics:

This type of display is great for concerts, sporting events, theme parks, weddings, special effects in film or theatre any time you want to make an event spectacular. They are used with great safety and control because of their precise and predictable performance. These fireworks do not generate the smoke of aerial fireworks and effects can vary from puffs of smoke, flashes of light, large booms. These fireworks are used in instances where outdoor fireworks cannot be done. From indoors we can create the same excitement and entertainment that we create outdoors.

Flaming Set-Piece Signs:

A set piece is a sign that displays any name, slogan, logo, or picture outlined in pyrotechnic colors. This is a great way to personalize any display. They add marketing value to a program by offering a unique opportunity to recognize sponsors on-site. They may be used in place of traditional event banners and signage. This is also great for weddings or any other special event. For example, we can display the bride and grooms names with a red heart in the center. They can range in size and complexity and can be incorporated in both land and water based shows. The duration of a set piece is approximately 1 minute.

We specialize in water barge shoots, land shoots, and weddings. We use state of the art electronic firing system. There is no job to big or small. All of our shoots are fully insured and we handle the permiting. To request a quote please submit a Quote Request Or Call Us 1-386-878-9832

Venues for firework displays:

  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Award ceremonies
  • Church events
  • Theatrical presentations
  • Class reunions
  • Corporate Meeting Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Political rallies
  • Press Conferences
  • Product Promotions
  • Theme Parties
  • Movie Studio
  • Theme Parks
  • Amusement Parks
  • Circus
  • Attractions Resort
  • Hotel Ballrooms


    We proudly support the Pyrotechnics Guild International -Fireworks - and the National Fireworks Association -

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